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Full Pre-renewal

Episode 10: Hugel
(Before Rachel)

Server Rates

Pre-rebirth: 7x - 7x - 1x
Rebirth: 4x - 4x - 1x

Available Jobs

All classes including expanded classes
Online Players: 2509 | Today’s Peak: 2604

Available on PC and Android

What to expect?

Features that will make you play Ragnarok again!

Classic Gameplay

Enjoy Ragnarok Online the way it's meant to be played. No custom stylist, no crappy overpowered custom items, no poorly-designed custom maps.

No Botting

All players in-game are real people playing in their computers/laptops. The server is protected by Gepard Shield 3.0, which blocks most cheats from infesting the server.

Free to Play and Dominate

No need to top up to explore the fields and dungeons of Rune-Midgard. Solace Ragnarok Online gives you the freedom to explore! Free to battle, free to party, free to play!

Improved MVP System

Tired of the Asura-Teleport scene in every Ragnarok server? In SolaceRO, you'll need a full party or your guild to take down an MVP. PK is enabled while the boss monster is alive!

Balanced Cash Shop

Gain weapons, armors, and cards naturally, in-game, not with your hard-earned cash. Donation rewards are limited only to costumes, minor character enhancements, and Premium Membership.

Various Rewards

Receive Playtime Rewards, Voting Rewards, Daily Quest Rewards, and Automated Event Rewards. We love giving back for your time and effort spent with the community.

Do you stream games?

Be a partner and we'll help you grow your channel and your character!

War of Emperium

Join the fierce competition between guilds and show your dominance in Rune-Midgard

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An RO server made for the game and for the people and not just for one's gain. I started playing when it opened and I haven't encountered any unscheduled downtime. The community is very friendly and helpful, you can easily ask for help on the main channels. GMs and CMs also are very responsive. I like how the server is pro people and doesn't tolerate abuse such as botting and dual logging. That only means you play with real people. Gets better patch after patch. Thanks GM Lynx and CMs.
By: Tala_Tala_Tala
Started playing a couple of weeks after the launch. What I love about this server is that is stays true to the original game. Need to grind exp from Geographers? Go to Izlude then take the international airship to Juno, then the domestic one to Einbroch. The economy is also well-balanced as of writing, and new players can catch up without much difficulty. The GM also takes into consideration the players' opinions on things through the Facebook group. You should definitely give this server a try!
By: Seine17
In my opinion, the server is very stable. GMs are very professional in terms of handling issues, bugs and any problems met and reported by players. Even though players are not very courteous towards GMs and CMs, they still handle the server very well and they are very approachable. Community is very active and competetive. Economy is great, most of the players are good in farming and they teach newbies how to farm. It is like old school Ragnarok, the effort you need to do to gain zeny, then buy.
By: NeverwinterHallueth
Loyal players waited 4 years for its return. Yes, 4 long years for SolaceRO's return. You wonder why the players waited so much for this hell of a server? 1.Friendly community; 2) Balanced Cash shop meant only to sustain the server and not give too much favor to donors; 3) PK server to thrill MVP hunters and grinders alike; 4)Healthy Economy- ESB donors are not overrunning the market bcoz of alternative ways to get healing items (playtime voucher) and 5) the developers listen to their players!
By: Anegan
SolaceRO is a good server for both old-time players and newcomers. There is basically three main things that is to be loved about the server. First is the mission of reliving the glory days of Ragnarok Online with the near-official and not-too-customized gameplay that still has enough to make you excited. Second is the developers and community managers. They showcase professionalism and listens to the suggestions and concerns of the players when valid. Last is the fun and helpful community.
By: jebokalla
We all know that private servers from Philiplines just come and go in about 2-3montths. It is because developers of these servers prioritize monetization and early profit over long term survivability of the game. Cash grab gimmiks are apparent on these servers from the moment you visit cash shop items and consumables but this server is different. You could easily tell how well thought the game design and settings are from the moment you play for the first hour or so. Definitely recommend worthy.
By: LowLee
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