Discover Rune Midgard.
Explore Ragnarok.

Experience classic and official-like Ragnarok Online again on
December 13, 2019 at 21:00 (GMT +8)!

Full Pre-renewal

Episode 10: Lighthalzen
(Before Hugel and Rachel)

Server Rates

Pre-rebirth: 7x - 7x - 1x
Rebirth: 4x - 4x - 1x

Available Jobs

All classes except Taekwon, Ninja, and Gunslinger

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What to expect?

Features that will make you play Ragnarok again!

Official-like Gameplay

Enjoy Ragnarok Online the way it's meant to be played. No custom stylist, no crappy overpowered custom items, no poorly-designed custom maps.

No Botting

All players in-game are real people playing in their computers/laptops. The server is protected by Gepard Shield 3.0, which blocks most cheats from infesting the server.

Free to Play and Dominate

No need to top up to explore the fields and dungeons of Rune-Midgard. Solace Ragnarok Online gives you the freedom to explore! Free to battle, free to party, free to play!

Improved MVP System

Tired of the Asura-Teleport scene in every Ragnarok server? In SolaceRO, you'll need a full party or your guild to take down an MVP. PK is enabled while the boss monster is alive!

Balanced Cash Shop

Gain weapons, armors, and cards naturally, in-game, not with your hard-earned cash. Donation rewards are limited only to costumes, minor character enhancements, and Premium Membership.

Various Rewards

Receive Playtime Rewards, Voting Rewards, Daily Quest Rewards, and Automated Event Rewards. We love giving back for your time and effort spent with the community.
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We offer more than just nostalgia!

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