6th Month Special

Who said we’re having a portal event again? In our 6th month, we’ll see who are the geeks of SolaceRO! We’ll have our first-ever Quiz Bee! We have prepared 60 questions ranging from easy, moderate, difficult, and GOD.

Please see the rewards table below:

Top 1: 50,000 RoKs
Top 2: 30,000 RoKs
Top 3: 10,000 RoKs
Top 4 – 10: 5,000 RoKs
Top 11 – 20: 2,000 RoKs

And for our non-geeks:

5 correct answers: 5 ESB
10 correct answers: 10 ESB
15 correct answers: 15 ESB

We’ll also be selecting 5 lucky winners of Costume: Eremes Guile Scarves from the participants who have at least 5 correct answers.


June 13, 2020 at 5:00 PM SHARP! We’ll be announcing the instructions on how to join on our Facebook Page and Discord at 4:30 PM.

Here’s our top 20!

52 Points