Agit Masters: Season 2


The registration for guilds is now open! Please make sure that you meet the requirements below before sending your application:

  1. Your guild is at least at level 15.
  2. Your guild has at least 20 members.
  3. Your guild has read and understood the Server Rules.
  4. You understand that as a guild leader, it is your responsibility to strictly implement these rules and to remind your members about them.
  5. You understand that ignorance of the law is not an excuse.
  6. You understand that Solace is trying to build a harmonious competitive scene, therefore, any form of toxicity and stupidity will not be tolerated.

In this season, we’ll only be distributing Siege Registration Badges every 1st day of the month. So, if you’ve sent your application in the middle of the month, you’ll have to wait for the next month before your guilds get registered.

Updated Rewards

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd guilds are going to be awarded with 250K RoKs, 100K RoKs, and 50K RoKs, respectively.

Each Agit Point is now worth 6 GT (previously, it was 10 GT). For the newbies, every Agit Point a guild earns is converted to Guild Tokens at the end of the month. These tokens are used to purchase Mythical Costumes that they can use to improve their offense or defense in sieges.

New WoE Mode

Aside from Vanilla WoE and KoE, we’ll be having an all-out WoE every Friday from 10:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. In this mode, all Mini-Boss and MVP Cards are allowed inside the castle. However, the prolonged defense will not be awarded in this mode.

Improved Guardians

In the past, Guardians were useless. They can be taken down in 3 Asura Strikes. In this season, the guardians are modified with the following settings:

  1. Soldier Guardian (FE) – HP: 1,000 | Plant Type
  2. Knight Guardian (FE) – HP: 1,300 | Plant Type
  3. Archer Guardian (FE) – HP: 800 | Plant Type
  4. Guardian Soldier (SE) – HP: 1,500 | Plant Type

Ready to dominate?

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