Episode 10.4: Hugel

We have successfully migrated our server to another host. It was necessary because our population is continuously growing. We hope you enjoyed the mini-games we hosted while the server is off.

New Job Classes


Ninja’s specialize in a variety of ranged shuriken and kunai attacks, stealth and melee strikes, and ninpo magic skills.

Ninja change class directly from Novice once you hit Job 10. Unlike most classes in RO, they do not have an advanced form. To make up for this, Ninjas have a different job experience requirement and reach max job level at Job 70. While this one class role may seem restrictive, the different types of skills and weapons you can specialize in will make you different from those ninjas around you.


Gunslingers, as the name suggests, specialize in wielding a wide variety of guns and weapons, masters of ranged combat.

Gunslingers have two different kinds of skills, ‘Coin’ skills and ‘Gun’ skills. Coin skills are usable with any weapon (even unarmed), and all require a certain number of gold coins to activate and use. Gold coins can be collected by using the skill ‘Flip the Coin’. Gun skills are different as they are either passive or active skills that affect performance with only one or a specific group of weapons.

New Maps


In the far northeast of the Schwarzwald Republic, lies a small rural coastal village by the name of Hugel. Hugel is a quiet, yet festive fishing village, hosting a variety of games and activities for tourists, as well as hosts the hunter and trappers guild.

Because of its geographic location, the city of Hugel grew much different than the other Schwarzwald cities, being separated by both Thanatos Tower and Abyss Lake. Because of increasing attacks on travelers, going by Airship is possibly the safest way to enter Hugel. The Schwarzwald airship has recently adjusted its route to cover Hugel, its new route being “Juno->Einbroch->Lighthalzen->Einbroch->Juno->Hugel->Juno”.

What to expect while this town is being developed? Gambling areas and new exciting mini-games with very good rewards.

Odin Temple

Long ago, on an island visible from Hugel, a shrine was built to enshrine a great god. The people gave everything they had to show their devotion to this great benevolent god. But this god was capricious and not as benevolent as they thought.

Eventually, a struggle for power began, and before long the wounded followers left the island one by one. It wasn’t long till the island was deserted, and no living soul remained, only the creations of the god existed. These days, scholars are interested in visiting what remains of a past world, but the sacred grounds of the shrine are not easy to read on…

Major Changes

  1. Hunter Guild has moved its headquarters to Hugel. A sign was left in Payon Field 10 for those who don’t read patch notes.
  2. Hugel is now included in the Airship route.
  3. Better walk path – Previously when there are obstacles, you’ll need to manually walk around it. Now, the server will do it for you.
  4. No cell stacking – Players can no longer stack in 1 cell. Even if you relocate to the same cell, you will be pushed to the next cell.
    Temporarily disabled, this should only work in town.
  5. [Crusader] Reflect damage will miss to the enemy if a safety wall is active.
  6. [High-tier Items] Fallen Randgris quest is now available at the center of Abyss 3. The NPC offers the creation of Valkyrie equipment. Randgris doesn’t drop the equipment, you have to take the quest.
  7. Dahyun’s Blessing has been reset. It’s carpal tunnel syndrome time!
  8. [Soul Linker] Eske has been disabled in all MVP maps.

Bot Hunter

If the server noticed that you’re acting like a bot, you’ll be automatically interrogated. You’ll have 5 chances to answer and if you fail to answer correctly, you’ll be sent to jail.

War of Emperium Changes

  1. Updated Emperium Stats – HP: 222,000 / Vit: 50 / Def: 25 / Race: Angel & Boss / Property: Holy
  2. Speed Potions and Guyak Pudding are disabled permanently
  3. Guild Capacity has been increased to 40
  4. During Season Break, guild registration is disabled. All guilds can enter the castle.
  5. During Season Break, successful conquerors will receive 4 Guild Tokens instead of 2.
  6. Halter Lead is automatically disabled upon entering the castle.

PVP Room Changes

  1. Elemental Sword will behave differently inside the PVP Room. That means the bolter SinX meta is over. It will still work in the same manner outside PVP Room.
  2. Mindbreaker skill is now disabled inside the PVP Room.
  3. Players will be automatically kicked out on their first death.

Feature-related Changes

  1. Added Odin Temple warp to Iris Employee.
  2. Added Yellow Butterfly Wing in Hugel Tool Dealer.

Item Updates

  1. Upgraded Mail has been reverted to its correct class restriction.
  2. Guyak Pudding’s effect has been reverted to its original effect.
  3. Removed the restriction info in items because it’s confusing and inaccurate.

Hypermart Updates

  1. New costumes are available. Check them out!
  2. Fairy Scroll and Rainbow Scroll are available until July 17, 2020.

Fairy Scroll

Rainbow Scroll

What’s next?

This changelog is already very long. We’re going to break these changes into small updates in the coming weeks so you don’t get overwhelmed.

  1. The East Asia 1 (Korea) Channel and WoE Server are going to be activated very soon. We’re just waiting for Gepard’s developer to respond. Haha.
  2. Zeny gambling in Hugel. This town is going to be the Las Vegas of SolaceRO. It’s going to be filled with sinful activities.
  3. Battlegrounds /gg
  4. Endless Tower /gg


Claim your gifts from Master Hans in Prontera (165, 100)

  1. Race to 99/70 has been extended until July 8, 2020 (final consideration)
  2. Happy Hour is activated until 12 midnight of July 7, 2020
  3. +100% Experience Mod until July 8, 2020

Since there are a lot of changes in the backend, we may have emergency maintenance if the situation requires.

Manual patch? Click here!

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