Patch Notes 20-01-29

Major Changes:

1. PVP Ranking (Partial Release) – Each player will gain or lose PVPR Points each time they kill or get killed. These points will reset every quarter and the top 3 players will receive recognition from the team.

To view your PVP stats, use @pvpstats command in-game. Kindly take note that kills or deaths in MVP maps are not counted. We’ll only record the activities made inside Izlude and Morroc PVP Rooms.

We’ve thought of adding another NPC in every town to promote PVP. But after thorough discussion, we’ve decided to put them in IRIS Warper to gain more exposure.

In the coming weeks, the ranking will be displayed in our Panel. Of course, cheaters (aka feeders or boosters) are going to be heavily punished.

Here are the initial settings:
1. Players above 20 level gap won’t give any PVPR Points.
2. Low-level players who were somehow able to kill high-level players (minimum of level 55) will gain PVPR Points.

2. Optimized Styling NPC – We’ve combined the Hairstylist and Clothing Stylist NPC. Instead of showing us photos, you can now try it then decide from there.

We’ve also added 2 new clothing colors; black and blue (kind of).

3. Optimized Headgear Quest NPC – You guys were right, the previous version was very inefficient and annoying. So, we didn’t just add new headgears, we also made the browsing experience better.

Disclaimer: Some items will require items that are not yet available in the game. We’ll either keep them that way so that players aware or may change them in the next maintenance.

We’ll arrange the items alphabetically in our next update.

Featured Related:
1. IRIS Warper and Recruiter have been added in Gonryun, Louyang, Amatsu, and Ayothaya.
2. Amatsu, Gonryun, Louyang Dungeons, Juperos, and Einbroch Field 4 (Geographers) have been added to IRIS Warper.
3. The costume level requirement is back. It has been causing connectivity issues last time. We’ll implement it again soon.

Job Related:
1. [Lord Knight] Spear Master level 10 requirement for Spiral Pierce has been updated on the skill window.

Item and Monster Related:
1. Other types of Venatus are back in Juperos.
2. Tri-Joint’s spawn rate has been doubled.
3. Ship Captain’s Hat’s description has been fixed.
4. Ancient Fairy Ears’ effect has been changed from Grape Juice effectivity to recover 3 SP when a player kills a monster using a physical/magical attack.
5. Upgraded Equipment’s defenses have been increased by 2 (except the clip).
6. Bio Laboratory’s boss monsters no longer teleport when idle.
7. Guyak Pudding’s duration has been decreased to 1 minute. It’s also disabled in PVP Rooms.

Race to 99/70 with a Twist (from January 29, 2020 to February 29, 2020)
Applicable Classes: All jobs except Lord Knight and Paladin
Applicable Players: All characters created after this maintenance
Rewards: Wings of Victory and 2,000 WoE Supply Points

15 Points