Patch Notes 20-02-11

Major Updates:
1. Added the Statistics and Leaderboard module in our Control Panel. It contains Player Count, Player Rank, Guild Rank, PVP Rank, Forging, and Brewing.

2. Mentoring System – We’ve hired Anegan, Googly, Nano, Panzer, Putotskie, and Xel to become our first set of Mentors. Their main role is to guide the players who are in need of assistance. They’ll start receiving requests from Midgard Assistance NPC starting today.
3. Card Trader – You can now trade your old cards for an Old Card Album. Speak with Putty inside the North building in Izlude.
4. Super Novice Scroll is now available. It can be bought for 3,000 z inside the Super Novice building in Al De Baran. (that’s where Super Novices are changing their jobs)

Headgear Quest Update:
Below are the headgears with improved (more feasible) requirements…

BF Recruiter Hat
Chicken Hat – Item description has been updated
Close Helmet – Temporarily removed
Crescent Helm – Temporarily removed
Dark Randgris Helm – Temporarily removed
Flapping Angeling
Friend recruiter
GF recruiter
Golden Tiara
Guildsman Recruiter Hat
Helm of Darkness – Temporarily removed
I love China – Newly Added (don’t click this yet, wait for the new installer)
Ifrit Mask
Jasper Crest
Koneko Hat
Lif Doll Hat
Dyed Mage Hats
Magic Eyes
Magistrate Hat
Muslim Cap
Ribbon of Bride
Rideword Hat
Sales Banner
Satellite Hairband
Valkyrie Feather Band

Feature Related:
1. The Poring Catcher issue has been fixed.
2. Disappearing Halter Lead in PVP Room has been fixed.
3. Enriched Oridecon and Elunium have been removed from Playtime Voucher reward.
4. Guild creation quest requirement has been changed from 1 Mithril Coin to 2 Gold Coins.
5. Guild limit has been reduced to 26 again.

Job Related:
1. [Blacksmith] Greed’s no longer disappearing after using Neuralizer.

Monster and Item Related:
1. Crystal Blue and Bloody Red’s drop rate from Mushrooms has been fixed to 1%.
2. Bow Thimble [0]’s drop rate from Gargoyle has been increased to 5%.
3. Glove [1] drop rate from Ancient Mummy has been decreased to 2%.
4. Glove [1] drop rate from String has been increased to 5%.
5. The OBB and OPB rates of the following items have been increased:
Burning Bow, Frozen Bow, Earth Bow, Gust Bow, Magma Fist, Icicle FIrst, Electric Fist, Seismic Fist, Combo Battle Glove, Base Guitar, Electric Eel, Sea Witch Foot, and Carrot Whip.
6. Dyed Mage Hats are now 1 slot and can now be worn by any class:

Cash Shop Update:
1. Fire Scroll is available from February 12 – 15, 2020.

So what happened earlier?
We were testing the proxies. But we’re not getting our expected results. We’re aiming to release this together with the gray map grf before WoE.

Staff Changes:
1. Caracal will be co-developing SolaceRO with Lynx. He’ll also act as the main Community Manager.
2. UncleBobby has joined us on trial. Once the Streamers’ Club has been launched, he’ll be overseeing that side of SolaceRO.

Upcoming Updates:
1. PVP-oriented contents and events
2. Replacement of Town Invasion event (discontinued)
3. Guild Package (to cater the server hoppers)
4. Solo Guild Package (for those who have yet to complete their equipment set but would like to participate the WoE)
5. PVPR Issue Fix (some players’ PVPR were resetting for unknown reason)
6. Vote for Points
7. Upgraded Item Set Bonus and alternate options to make one
8. Streamers’ club and incentives
9. Staff, WoE mechanics, PVPR mechanics, and Beginner’s guide webpages
10. Lite Graphics Plugin – Implemented
11. Proxies – Implemented
12. And other skill bug reports…

Downtime Compensation:
1. 80% Bonus Experience for the whole day (February 12, 2020)
2. Get your gifts from Lynx, located in Payon.

Valentine’s Event:

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WoE News:

☠️ War of Emperium is coming to SolaceRO! ☠️Please look forward to our major pre-siege updates such as WoE Mechanics,…

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