Patch Notes 20-02-20

We are supposed to finish the maintenance at 2 a.m. but due to miscommunication of our development team, they weren’t able to submit the patches to Lynx on time.

Some updates are not yet implemented. We’ll be performing a script reload (no restart needed) to enable some of them tonight. In this patch note, we’ve marked the updates that are yet to be implemented.

Major Updates:
1. Siege Manager has been added to Prontera, Payon, Alberta, and Geffen. Players can speak with this NPC to view the siege schedule and warp to castles.
2. Guild Package – guild masters who are bringing their whole guild to SolaceRO will receive some incentives to hasten their progress so that they can participate WoE as soon as possible.
3. Solo Package – all players will get free supplies and a rental set (without a weapon and accessory) so that they can already participate WoE while they’re still completing their gear. Players can only avail the package 5 times (5 WoE sessions) per game account.
4. Upgraded Equipment Set Bonuses
5. Alternative Upgraded Equipment forging method – please speak with Yojan beside Stojan.

Headgear Quest Update:
1. I Love China – Added
2. Cupid’s Target – Requirements have been reverted back to 5 AoAs

Feature Related:
1. Halter Lead can now be used in MVP maps again
2. Homunculus’ kills inside the PVP room are now counted
3. All MVP spawns will follow the official spawn time (To be implemented)
4. MVP maps will stay ‘PK enabled’ regardless if the MVP is dead or alive (To be implemented)

Item Related:
1. Upgraded Shield’s weight has been increased from 65 to 120

WoE Mechanics (Initial):
1. War of Emperium FE – Every Friday starting 10:00 p.m. until 11 p.m.
2. War of Emperium SE – Every Saturday starting 8:00 p.m. until 9 p.m. (for this month only, starting March, it’ll be from 8:00 p.m. to 10 p.m.)
3. All members of the winning guild will receive a Guild Token as soon as the siege ends. Only online members will be rewarded to avoid abuse.

Starting in March 2020:
4. Treasure Chests will drop Guild Token and different kinds of Coin Chests.
5. Coin Chests may contain Silver Coins (common), Gold Coins (rare), or Mithril Coins (very rare).
6. Guild Dungeons will have special equipment quests where they can forge stronger gear for themselves.

Cash Shop Promo:
1. Reset Stone and Neuralizer are discounted (50%) until February 24, 2020.
2. Card Removal Ticket are going to be discounted, too.

1. Please update your SolaceRO installation by downloading our new installers.
2. For those who are still seeing renewal maps after updating their client, please delete “neoncube.file” in your SolaceRO folder to repatch your client.

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