Patch Notes 20-03-10

Major Updates:
1. Vote for Points has been implemented – you can now vote for SolaceRO every day. Each vote gives you 1 voting point that you can exchange in-game for rental items.


2. Premium Experience Bonus has been increased from 50% to 100%.
3. Quest experience rewards have been increased by 350%.
4. Daily Quest now resets at 12:00 a.m.
5. New Daily Quest in Alberta: Swab the Deck. Speak with the First Mate to begin.

Headgear Quest Related:
1. Added Flying Galapago Headgear
2. Modified the requirement for Hyuke’s Black Cat Ears and Papa Sunglasses

Feature Related:
1. [Trial] PK is now permanent in MVP maps regardless if the MVP is dead or alive.
2. [Trial] MVPs are now spawning between 1 hour and 45 minutes up to 2 hours and 15 minutes.
3. [Poring Catcher] Players no longer die after the last Poring has been killed.
4. [Dice Event] Fixed the no reward issue. Increased the chance of getting a Miracle Medicine by 40%.
5. [Rewards Artisan] Miracle Medicine has been moved from Playtime Voucher rewards to Daily Quest rewards.
6. [Rewards Artisan] Added Bubble Gum in Mouth in Daily Quest rewards.
7. [PVPR] PVP Ranking has been fixed. Players will no longer lose PVPR when they logout.
8. [PVPR] Kills inside the castle are now counted.
9. [PVPR] Announcer has been added inside the PVP Room and Castles.
10. [Siege Manager] Equipment repair is now available during the siege.
11. [Siege Manager] He’s now available in Yuno, Lighthalzen, and Geffen.
12. [Newbie Warper] Decreased the cooldown from 30 minutes to 5 minutes.
13. Alberta Daily Quests’ experience rewards have been slightly improved.
14. [IRIS Warper] Increased the price to Magma Dungeon from 3,200 z to 6,000 z.
15. [IRIS Warper] Added Clock Tower Basement 2, Glast Heim Prison, and Glast Heim Lower Cave.
16. [IRIS Warper] Amatsu Dungeon warps you directly inside the dungeon now.

Map Related:
1. Fly Wing and Teleport are now enabled in Amatsu Dungeon 1.

Job Related:
1. [Alchemist] Bioethics can now be taken from the same quest NPC in case you lose it after resetting your skills.
2. [Lord Knight] Spiral Pierce’s damage has been improved. Formula prioritizes the weapon’s weight instead of STR.
3. [Monk] Asura Strike can now be canceled by Absorb Spirit.


4. [Monk] Absorb Spirit can now be dodged by hiding.


5. [Monk] Body Relocation can no longer dodge traps and spider webs.

Monster and Item Related:
1. [Trial] Anubis has been reverted back to normal.
2. Decreased spawn of Ancient Mummy in Morroc Pyramid.
3. Increased the spawn rate of Miyabi Doll and Firelock Soldier in Amatsu Dungeon 1.
4. Increased spawn rate of High Orc in Clock Tower Basement 2.
5. [MVP] Dracula can now break your weapon.

Bonus information for those who read patch notes:
1. New costumes are going to be released on our 3rd monthsary celebration.
2. We’ll be having an event on Friday at 10 p.m., please leave your character in Morroc if you wish to get some freebies.

Disclaimer: I wrote this patch note while my eyes are 80% sleeping. Please bear with the language errors. I’ll refine it when I regain my energy.

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