Patch Notes 20-03-27

Major Updates:
1. We have upgraded our server’s hardware. Hopefully the random lag spikes we experience during peak hours will be lessened.
2. The client’s performance has been improved. It’ll be more responsive to clicks and teleporting/refreshing should be smoother.
3. Inventory limit has been increased from 100 to 250.
4. [Tournament Mode] When you create a new character, you will have an option to select “I am participating in a tournament”.

Inside the lobby, there are NPCs that will transform your character to 99/70, provide your set of equipment and supplies. In this way, more players can immediately join our tournaments without the need to farm for a month or 2. This is also the best place to test out skills and formulas as you can reset your stats and skills whenever you want. Please sign up in our 7v7 Event (to be held today at 8 p.m.).
5. Prontera is the new vending capital of SolaceRO. However, creating chat rooms is disabled in Prontera. (Vending is disabled in Payon)

Hypermart Update:
1. Gym Pass is now sold per piece.
2. Added Alchemist Scroll (Effect: Soul linked)
3. Added Costumes Hypermart

Feature Related:
1. The duration of Rental Items from V4P has been increased from 1 day to 2 days.
2. Players can now convert their Voting Points to Voting Token.
3. [Rewards Artisan] Added another category for Voting Token Exchange.
4. [Siege Valkyrie] Located inside the North Building of Izlude

The Siege Valkyrie contains the Mythical Costumes. These costumes can be created by exchanging your Guild Tokens. The requirements to create wings have been adjusted as well.
5. [Daily Quest] Bubble Gum in Mouth can now be stored in Kafra
6. [Daily Quest] Added RJC Katusa Flower
7. [Card Trader Putty] Players can exchange their cards for Stems, Bottles, Hearts of Mermaid, and Karvo.
8. [Level Up Rewards] We have fixed the 99/70 rewards. You’ll automatically receive it once you log in.
9. [Levep Up Rewards] Rewards have been completely revamped. Instead of Playtime Vouchers, players will receive character-bound supplies.
10. [PVP Arena] An announcement is made whenever a player enters the map.
11. [Dice Event] Increased the chance of getting Miracle Medicines. Other rewards are Gold Coins and Mithril Coins!
12. [Ore Conversion] You can now trade your Oridecons and Eluniums in bulk.

Item Related:
1. All Very Rare and Rare costumes obtained from scrolls have been improved.
2. PVP Potions have been added to every Tool Dealer. These potions will only work inside the PVP Arenas.
3. Modified the combo effect of Upgraded Tights [1] from “Increase movement speed by 25%” to “Reduce aftercast delay by 10%”.
4. [99/70 Reward] Wings of Victory is now tradeable

Monster Related:
1. Increased the spawn of Ant Eggs in Ant Hell 2.
2. Increased the spawn of Mandragoras in Prontera Field 2.
3. Increased drop rate of Mother’s Nightmare from Maya.

Formula / Skills Related:
1. Attack Speed formula has been improved. Not exactly the same as the calculators online but it’s almost the same now.
2. [Monk] Snap requires 1 Spirit Sphere regardless if Critical Explosion is present or not. This skill modification should’ve been applied since the beginning of SolaceRO. However, no one reported this issue.
3. [Champion] Combo has been fixed. Combo Finish can now be followed by Chain Crush Combo or Tiger Fist.
4. [Lord Knight] Spiral Pierce’s formula has been improved. The spear’s refine level will now affect the total damage output. Before it wasn’t, even if you’re wearing a +10 Cardo, the damage’s going to be the same.
5. [Clown/Gypsy] ba_frostjoke.txt and dc_scream.txt are now working.

WoE Related:
1. The name of the player who destroyed the Emperium will now be announced.
2. [Practice WoE] March 28 (WoE SE: 10PM-11PM) & March 29 (WoE FE: 8PM – 9PM and WoE SE: 10PM – 11PM). Supplies are going to be provided by the SolaceRO Team.

Events Events Events:
1. [Piso Rebirth / 1 Z Rebirth] Rebirth fee will only cost 1 zeny starting today until May 15, 2020. So, hurry up, save your zenies and maximize this limited opportunity.

2. [Race to 99/70] It’s time for another race! This time, only Paladins are banned from the competition. Only the characters created today (March 27, 2020) can join the event.

1. The new proxies are not yet available, please connect to SEA 1 for now. We’ll keep everyone posted.

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