Patch Notes 20-04-04

Major Updates:
1. We have advanced to Episode 10.3: Thanatos Tower, Abyss Lake, Taekwon Kid, Taekwon Master, and Soul Linker.
2. April Agit Masters: Increased the prize pool from PHP 3,000 to PHP 10,000
3. Attack speed’s formula has been recalibrated.
4. [Trial] Added Economy Stat NPC – What does it do?
Well, to simplify the explanation, it gives people an idea of how much RoKs we have in the server. Please follow the rates provided especially for the essential items.

Why do we need this? Well, newbies have no idea about the real prices because some players are overpricing their items.

Should people continue to overprice their items, such as ESB. We will be imposing rules to maintain our inflation at a manageable rate.
5. Aside from game-related updates, we’ve also upgraded our firewall (not sure if I can call it firewall but it works something like that), disconnections should be lessened now.

Feature Related:
1. Added Oridecon (2) to Elunium (1) exchange in Prontera refinery (same NPC).
2. PVP Ranking has been reset. We’ll start awarding POTM starting this month. (details to be announced soon)

Item Related:
1. Improved Rideword Hat’s chance to proc
2. Flying Galapago is back to “Lower” position
3. Red Mage Hat, White Mage Hat, and Yellow Mage Hat are now tradeable
4. Amistr Bag’s sprite has been fixed (thank you, Nerva al Thor)

Monster Related:
1. The movement speed of Majoruros and Minorous has been increased.


Since today’s my birthday, we’re giving 20% Bonus RoKs for donations made today and tomorrow. Other than that, I’ll be giving away gifts in the evening. Please regularly check our Facebook and Discord so you wouldn’t miss an update. ~

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