Patch Notes 20-04-10

Major Updates:
1. Android APK is out! You can get the installer from our download page.
2. Attack speed has been recalibrated again. This should be the best formula now, haha.
3. Hijod and Skidbladnir will no longer have Control Device #01. Meaning, once the 2 crystals are broken, the first barricade will be destroyed as well.

Feature Related:

1. [Reset Guru] Added Natural Reset option. With this, you can reset your stat without the need of a donation. All you have to do is bring him the item and zeny he’s requiring. The catch is, every time you reset, the requirement doubles. Also, you can only reset once a month.

Why aren’t we giving free reset for those who have reached 99/70? Well, there are people who are already building their stats nicely while they’re leveling. We will continue to value their effort of playing wisely.

2. Happy Hour on weekend has been moved to 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. because guild leaders are having a hard time fixing their parties before WoE when they have members who don’t want to skip Happy Hour, haha.
3. Autovending License cost has been increased from 30,000 z to 100,000 z per week.
4. Added Elunium to Oridecon converter in the Prontera refinery.
5. 10% bonus Exp and PK have been implemented in Abyss Dungeon 3 (Abyss Lake).
6. [Bug] Sir Richard’s (Sunken Ship) daily quest has been fixed.

Item Related:
1. Flying Galapago has been fixed.
2. Newbie Mercenary Scroll will no longer hire David (Bye, David!). Starting today, only Rodin will appear.
3. The weight of Increase Agi and Blessing scrolls has been removed.

Monster Related:
1. Monsters in Biolaboratory 3 have been decreased. However, most monsters are scattered now. The boss monsters will be spawning on its official coordinates.
2. The drop rate of Formal Suit from Skel Prisoner has been increased to 0.05% from 0.01%.
3. The drop rate of Combat Knife from Sniper Cecil has been increased to 3% from 1%.

1. 50% bonus experience is active until April 12 to help our mobile users catch up.
2. Easter Event [until April 19, 2020] Go to Prontera and speak with Cantakerous Geezer (107,95) and Ho Kune (150,179) to get started.

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