Patch Notes 20-05-01

Hardware Updates:
1. The main server and SEA channels were upgraded. The port speed was improved but this doesn’t guarantee lag-free gameplay, it will still depend on your internet connection. But definitely, we can now handle more online players.

Guild Updates:
1. Guild Capacity has been increased to 36 from 26.
2. WoE FE and SE are now open on Saturday and Sunday.

3. The Points System has been improved to give all guilds a fair fighting chance to win the Agit Masters.
4. The Guild Package has been improved to fit the current economic situation.

5. Siege Registration is now open. Badges were distributed to the guild masters of the following guilds: Vestige, Resilience, Netrosphere, Party Crasher, S26, GARUDA, Rampage, Paragon, Au Revoir, Mad Pandas, English, FBGaming, CANCER, New World Order, and Empire. If your guild is not included and you wish to participate WoE, you can submit your application here.
6. We’ll be changing the way we rank our guilds. In the coming days, our website’s guild ranking will be sorting your ranks based on the number of castles, KDE (Kill, Deaths, Emperium Break) ratio, and guild level.
7. Starting Saturday, only the registered guilds can enter the castles. Please review our Server Rules to avoid disqualification.

PVP Update:
1. The kills inside the WoE castle is no longer counted as PK Kill.
2. Players will now gain PVP Points that they can exchange for limited edition headgears through the Rewards Artisan. Headgears will change every quarter.

Other Major Updates:
1. The tournament mode has been completely removed from the game. We’ll be opening a test server (of some sort) for players to practice PvP and WoE.
2. Equipment Donation – Players are encouraged to dispose their junk items through this NPC. For every 6 points, 1 starter pack is given to a newbie. You’ll need to donate certain points to unlock NPCs such as Forging, Card Trading, Headgear Quest, Siege Quest, and etc. Donation resets every quarter.

Feature Related:
1. [Putty – Card Trader] You can now exchange your cards in bulk.
2. [IRIS Warper] Added Abyss Lake warp
3. Added Tool Dealers in north Prontera savepoint and central Comodo.
4. The (damn) pets are now talking when they’re loyal.

Map & Item Related:
1. Butterfly Wing will now have a 10-second delay before you can warp to your savepoint when inside the PVP Room.
2. Robo Eye and Fallen Angel Wing have been fixed.
3. Pyramid Basement 2’s ceiling has been fixed. (Thanks to Nerva)

Class Related:
1. [Lord Knight] Spiral Pierce’s damage has been recalibrated again, the damage is now balanced.
2. [Assassin Cross] Enchant Deadly Poison’s duration has been increased to 3 minutes.

Hypermart Update:
1. Buddha Scroll I – Available until May 11, 2020

1. Labor Day Celebration! +50% experience until the end of this day. ~

2. Love, Comment, and Share rewards can be claimed at the center of Prontera, look for Hana. The winners of the 20,000 RoKs are the following:

  • John Rey A. Flores (SaManTha30)
  • Choy Carag Grana (Mcfly)
  • Eammallehs Rocacurba Aroy (Mama Bear)
  • Thomas Lye (Jim Arthur)
  • Jjoseph F-Mae More Iñigo (Kratos)
  • Gian Teniente (Adam05)
  • Ton Capitle (SKEiGHT09)
  • Ric Lu (S h i v)
  • Marwin Delima (MrYozo)
  • Eric Tan (Erictj)
41 Points