Patch Notes 20-05-16

Backend Updates:

SEA 1 has been upgraded to accommodate more players. Android will now have its own dedicated channel before it was mixed with PC connections.

We have also optimized a few scripts that were causing our CPU usage to spike during peak hours.

We’ve downgraded our client to an older version as our previous client was crashing randomly. You may feel like the movement is delayed. That’s because we’ve removed the modification we added to our previous client as it’s causing the packets to duplicate; Especially when there are a lot of effects happening on their screen (WoE or Boss Hunting).

When packets are duplicated, you may get disconnected from the server as the system will think you’re cheating or something.

Major Updates:
1. Upgraded Weapons are here! They’re available on both Stojan and Yojan.

2. Friend Referral Rewards – Get rewarded by bringing your friends to SolaceRO.

To begin, speak with Youngran in Prontera and enter your friends’ email addresses. Your buddies will receive a ticket that they can exchange for equipment and supplies as soon as they enter the game. Meanwhile, the inviter will be rewarded whenever his referral reaches 99 (non-trans). Now, you don’t need to offer your own items to your friends…

4. Server Migration Program – players who are immigrating to SolaceRO will receive gifts to help them start in our server. The general rule is that the server you’re immigrating from must be up and running, and the population shouldn’t be lower than 100. (Click here for more details)

Existing players are not allowed to redeem this package for obvious reasons. The system can detect if you’re an existing player and will automatically ban your account.

5. Dahyun’s Blessings – For every 1,000 Donation Points, your chance of forging an Upgraded Equipment is increased by 1%. (maximum of 10%)
6. 2nd Layer of Security – All banned WoE items are checked twice when entering the castle. A player claims that Ghostring Card works during WoE. So, to make sure you don’t play with people who are carrying these restricted items, they’ll be warped out of the castle if the items are present in their inventory.

Feature Related:
1. [Dahyun Donation] There’s an option to donate in zeny now, the catch is, it’s more expensive.
2. [Stojan] He’ll now require Gold Coins instead of the raw zeny.
3. [Putty] Chimera Card has been added to the trash card database.

Map & Item Related:
1. Wings of Happiness’ speed has been increased.
2. Vicious Mind Aura’s movement speed has been corrected.
3. Papa’s Mask and White Wing are now tradeable.
4. Banshee Master’s item description has been fixed.

Movement speed explanation: we opted to not make the movement speed stackable as most players will be faster than those with Guyak. To keep the value of our Siege rewards, Wings of Happiness’ effect will be modified in the next update.

Class Related:
1. [Lord Knight] Spiral Pierce’s damage has been reverted to pre-May 2020 formula. In this patch, the higher damage will only work outside PVP and GVG maps.
2. [Star Gladiator] High Jump has been banned from WoE.

Bug Updates:
1. Missing Eggs or Eggs that cannot be incubated – Please speak with Fulgo So.
2. Missing homunculus – we’ll begin distributing Embryo Tickets today to the affected Alchemists and Creators. These tickets can be exchanged in Prontera, speak with Sir Isaac Newton to get your embryos. The number of embryos you’ll get is based on how much you’ve spent on your last homunculus.

Pets and Homunculus are 5x friendlier until May 23, 2020.

Hypermart Update:
1. Summer Scroll 1 – Available until May 22, 2020 (all very rare costumes are animated)

1. Tag-ulan (Rainy days) Hunting Event – to be implemented after the next script reload.
2. Piso Rebirth has been extended until June 5, 2020. Yes, please maximize the days you’re quarantined at home.
3. [5th Month Celebration] Heart, Comment, and Share 20K RoK Points winner. They’ll receive their points within the day.

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Don’t forget to claim your HCS Rewards from Hana at the center of Prontera. Until May 19, 2020 only. ~

The following players are jailed for 15 days for disrupting our recent Portal Event. Say hello to the asshole false warpers. ~

  • Anna
  • KazuhiroShiraishi
  • Boredom v2
  • Sansa
  • Leonore
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