Patch Notes 20-05-30

Backend Updates:

During our last gathering event, we were hit by a large attack so we’ve updated our firewall settings to prevent similar attacks from affecting the server’s performance.

Major Updates:
1. All MVP Cards are disabled in WoE – to maintain fair and balanced competition between old and new guilds, we’ve disabled all MVP Cards from working inside the castle.
2. WoE Break – After WoE First Edition, non-defending guilds will not be able to enter the Second Edition castles until 10:05 PM. This is to give time for the castle owner to set their defenses and for other players to take a quick water break.
3. WoE Debuff – All players entering the castle with Guyak Pudding buff and Assumptio are automatically debuffed upon entry.
4. Improved GT Rewards – Guild Token can now be exchanged for high-demand WoE supplies. Elite Siege Supply Box has been removed from the list.

5. In-game Sound Notification – We have added a sound notification for announcements made by GMs. This is to make sure that we both notify your eyes and your ears.

Feature Related:
1. Rewards Artisan – the following items are added to the list.

2. Added @whyjail command – for players who have missed their jail notification. You don’t need this command forever if you’re a peace-loving player. Meaning, you respect players’ lure, you don’t harass players for stupid reasons, and you don’t cause inconvenience to others.
3. [Putty] Added a weight check because players have been dropping thousands of Empty Bottles recently, lol.
4. [Iris Warper] Added Niflheim to the list.
5. [Siege Manager] Now available at the center of Geffen
6. [Kafra Employee – Geffen Centter] Moved its savepoint closer to the essential NPCs.
7. [Rare Item Collector] Bird Nest’s requirements have been updated. Added Evolved Orc Hero Helm.
8. [Youngran] Optimized and improved its referral detection.

Map & Item Related:
1. Blue Ribbon – improved the automatic casting chance.
2. Upgraded Saint Robe – combo effect has been fixed.
3. Battle Red and Blue Potions – heal effectivity has been increased by 50%.
4. Taurus Crown – the effect has been corrected.
5. Telling Doll Hat – the effect has been corrected.

Things to expect:
1. King of Emperium Hill (weekday GvG) – will start on June 3 and will repeat every Wednesday.
2. Adoption System – our client doesn’t support adoption (as reported by Kafra Employee). We’ll implement a command to make adoption work.

Storm in Rune-Midgard (May 30 – June 7):
Collect water from Rain Spirits and receive this limited edition costume:

To begin the quest, speak with the Sailor in Izlude.

60 Points