Patch Notes 20-06-06

Routine Updates:
1. PVP Ranking has been reset. All PVP Points are retained, only your PVPR is changed.

Major Updates:
1. Improved PK System – to improve the experience of our newbies, especially those who are new to Ragnarok, all players below level 50 are exempted from PK when they’re in an MVP map.

For players level 50 and above, they can only kill players who are 30 levels away from them. Meaning, if you’re already 99, you can only attack players starting from level 69.

2. King of Emperium Hill – Every Wednesday from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., the winning guild will receive 1 Guild Token per member. In KoE, all cards are working, including those that were banned in the past (ex.: Ghostring, Deviling, Maya Purple, Golden Thief Bug, etc.). The conqueror will also receive 1 Agit Point for our Agit Masters.

3. PVP Room – only players level 71 and above are allowed to enter. Future updates will create a more competitive (and toxic, lol) PVP environment.

4. War of Emperium – only players level 91 and above are allowed to enter the castles.

5. @adopt command – finally, couples can now start adopting babies in SolaceRO. The requirements are the same, the players must be in the same party, while wearing their wedding rings, and the baby’s not exceeding the max level for baby classes.

6. @noks command [experimental] – while we were testing it, there were instances that it didn’t work. Just use it, there’s nothing to lose if you keep it enabled while farming.

Feature Related:
1. @joinchannel command – We’ve added the following channels:
#main-kr – Korean Channel
#main-es – Spanish Channel
#pvp – PVP Channel
2. [#PVP Channel] – We’ve removed the broadcasted notification, players can manually enable them by joining the #pvp channel.
3. [Vendor Management] – We’ve increased the players’ gap from NPCs from 3 tiles to 6 tiles. Our mobile users are having a hard time clicking essential NPCs such as Kafra.
4. [Ore Exchange] – We’ve rephrased the menu so players don’t get confused.
5. [Putty] – Added Nightmare Terror Card and Dumpling Child Card.

Monster Related:
1. Emperium’s HP has been increased by 30%. Both WoE and KoE are affected.
2. Dracula (MVP) – He’s a better murderer now. He’s 24/7 aggressive and he doesn’t hide anymore. He’s no longer spawning slaves, too.

1. For those who lost their pet after our recent event, please speak with Fulgo So in Prontera. He has all the logs, he’ll give back your eggs if you really had it before. ~

1. Yet another Race to 99/70 (06/06/2020 – 07/03/2020) – The catch is Lord Knight, Paladin, Sniper, and Champions aren’t allowed to participate. Only characters created starting today are qualified.

Eva can be found at the center of Morroc. Kindly take note that only the characters created starting today are qualified. Meaning, if you’ve made your character yesterday or 2 days ago, even if they hit 99/70, they are not entitled to the reward.

Hypermart Update:
1. Preppy Scroll 1 (06/06/2020 – 06/12/2020)

Other Content:

1 pc. Miracle Medicine – Rare
1 pc. Bubble Gum – Common
5 pcs. Greed Scrolls – Common
5 pcs. Guyak Pudding – Common
3 pcs. Kafra – Common

Reported Bugs:
1. Token of Siegfried is working in MVP Maps.

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