Patch Notes 20-06-13

Most of the changes are just optimizations to improve the stability of our server. I don’t need to elaborate it but that’s what we did.

WoE and KoE Related:
1. Emperium’s resistance has been increased (again) by 200%. It should take more time to break it now. Use @mi 1288 in-game to see the updated stats.
2. PVP Kill Count has been enabled in KoE.
3. Guilds can now enter KoE without registration.

Feature Related:
1. [PVP Arena] – Assumptio, Guyak Pudding, Soul Link, and Mind Breaker are debuffed upon entering the map. You might be wondering how a Bolter SinX is OHKO-ing you?
2. [KoE] – Added equipment repair option.
3. [Siege Manager] – Added a duplicate in Gonryun

Monster Related:
1. Increased the drop rate of Necklace of Oblivion from Rybio and Jakk. Many newbies are failing the Assassin Examination because they’re giving up in the middle, so, if they can’t finish the quest, perhaps they can just hunt their Necklace of Oblivion.

Item Related:
1. Upgraded Mail’s class restriction has been corrected.
2. Token of Siegfried has been fixed – It’s no longer working in MVP Maps.

Attention to Kalapanget, Shuna, Libra, Feeljhay19, xGoogly, xAliana, and La Bruha, please return your extra Guild Tokens from KoE to Kaiju within the day. I’ll be collecting them after the WoE. Or else…

Griffin, Dazed, Pandaren, Rapidash, and xSarawat, I have returned your homunculus. It may not be updated though, we just tried to retrieve the most recent backup of your homunculus.

To the whole SolaceRO community, we’re very thankful for the overwhelming support we’ve been receiving since Day 1. From 300 players to 2,000+ in 6 months. It will never be possible if not for your loyalty, especially the pioneers who have been with us through ups and downs, chismis after chismis, and issues after issues. Drama is part of any community, but let’s be smarter and wiser next time so it doesn’t blow out of proportion.

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