Patch Notes 20-06-21

No major changes. Just a few optimizations of back-end stuff.

Feature Related:
1. Magistrate Hat, Hahoe Mask, and Mythical Lion Mask have been removed from the Rare Item Collector NPC.
2. The official quests for Hahoe Mask, Mythical Lion Mask, Bride Mask, Ayam and Magistrate have been added.
3. [Kafra Employee] Added Teleport function from Gonryun to Payon, Prontera, and Morroc.
4. [Kafra Employee] Added a teleport option from Izlude to Prontera.

Item Related:
1. Sandstorm and Desert Twilight bug has been fixed. Before the 190 ASPD will never trigger even if you keep on attacking.
2. Blue Ribbon – Increased the chance to trigger Improve Concentration when attacked.
3. October Fest Cap – increased the chance of casting Tarot Card of Fate.
4. The GT supply boxes have been fixed.

Other Updates:
1. The remaining ESBs of the Quiz Bee winners have been distributed.
2. Attention to Champurado, Wratzboo, and Combo Panda, please return your extra Guild Tokens to Celia. We will collect them today.

Hypermart Update:
Animalia Scrolls I and II – until July 3, 2020

Animalia Scroll I

Animalia Scroll II

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