Patch Notes 20-07-20

No major changes. Just a few optimizations of back-end stuff.

New Features:
1. RoKs to RoKs Check Converter (Prontera Hypermart) – Basically, you can convert your RoKs into tradeable checks. This feature has been initially declined but due to the increasing scam cases by RoK buyers who are running from their sellers after informing them of the items they wish to purchase.

2. War of Emperium Stats – Using @woestats command, players can view their kills, deaths, Emperium break, and KDR. What’s a KDR? It stands for Kill-to-Death Ratio, it shows how many players you’re killing on an average before dying. The higher your KDR, the better.

Feature Related:
1. [Poring Catcher] The number of winners has been increased from 10 to 20. Dropping of items has been disabled as well. Losers will receive 1 Playtime Voucher and a 15-minute HE Bubble Gum buff. (take note, a buff, not an item)
2. [Dice Event] The winner will receive a 60-minute HE Bubble Gum buff. While the participants will get a 15-minute HE Bubble Gum buff.
3. [Economy Stat] The prices of essential goods have been adjusted based on current inflation.
4. [Tool Dealer] Added Green and Blue Butterfly Wings in Tool Dealers. These Butterfly Wings will teleport you to towns that can only be traveled by Airship or Boat. Nothing special, just saves time.
5. [Rare Item Collector] The missing headgears like Alice Doll are now back.

Item Related:
1. Translated the Korean ninja items.
2. Costume: Mad Hatter’s chance of obtaining Alcohol has been increased from 5% to 8%. And it’s no longer restricted to fish monsters.
3. Updated the effects of Upgraded Two-handed Spear and Upgraded

4. Abrasive is no longer dispelled on death.
5. Undead Scroll is now finally showing a status icon.
6. Refined Bloody Axe (Voting Reward) effect has been fixed.
7. Removed the visual stat bug on items with ATK % increase such as Dress Hat, Robo Eye, and Fallen Angel Wing. The final ATK increase is added in your final damage. It doesn’t reflect in your stat window.
8. Twin Pom Santa effect has been fixed.

Mob Related:
1. False Angels are added in Thanatos Tower F4.

Other Updates:
1. Ice Wall is now disabled outside WoE Castles.
2. Ninja Job Change area is no longer a PK area.
3. Smiling Mask’s requirement has been corrected.

Hypermart Update:
1. Added Dust of Appearance for 20 RoKs. It detects hidden players for 30 seconds. You’ll still need to use Ruwach or Sight to reveal them.

2. Animalia Scroll III – 500 RoKs each

3. Metal Scroll I – 500 RoKs each

Manual Patch:
SolaceRO_Manual Patch 20200720.zip

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