Patch Notes 20-08-01

New Stuff:

Casino Area – Too rich? Become richer through gambling! Two options are available, Slot Machines and Russian Roulette. More games to come in the coming months. Use @gambling command to enter.

Agit Masters Supplies – Get your daily WoE Supply Box by completing a short quest. Speak with the “Agit Masters Supplies” NPC in Morroc Castle to begin. Kindly take note that this is only available for registered guilds.

Feature Related:

[Aesthetics] Added commas in numbers in-game. If you have seen any after this patch, please report it to us.
[Siege Exchange NPC] Added Kirin Wings to the Mythical Wings collection.

[Agit Masters] Registered guilds with less than 20 online members will not be allowed to enter the castle.
[Notification] Players will be notified upon logging in if they haven’t claimed their freebies.

Skill Related:

[Guild] Guild Auras are now working outside WoE.
[Guild] Emergency Call is no longer usable outside WoE.

Item Related:

[Random Headgears] Scarlet Rose, Crown Parrot, and Solace Doll Hat are now fixed.
[Upgraded Weapon] Upgraded Two-Handed Sword and Spear are now indesctructible at level 10.
[Upgraded Weapon] Updated the effects of the following:

Panel Updates:

New Guild Ranking Format

New WoE Ranking

New Breaker Ranking

Another Race to 99/70

[August 1, 2020 – September 4, 2020] Characters made today (after the maintenance) are qualified for the event. All REBIRTH classes are allowed except Lord Knights, Paladins, Snipers, Assassin Cross, and Champions.

Hypermart Update

[August 1, 2020 – August 14, 2020]

Metal Scroll II – Other content are Premium Reset Stone, Card Removal Ticket, Elite Siege Supply Box, Greed Scrolls, and Guyak Puddings.

Preppy Scroll II – Other content are Miracle Medicine, HE Bubble Gum, Greed Scrolls, Guyak Puddings, and Kafra Cards.

Manual Patch (PC & Mac): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AlCBTxeKp0OtrENqn-J6jy3P3B7Jju6x/view?usp=sharing

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