Practice WoE

Since RAMPAGE has already won the Agit Masters points-wise. Let’s use the remaining weekend to let others experience the War of Emperium.

For starters, the story began when they noticed the weakening of the castles and the monsters took control of them which caused chaos in all major towns.

Each castle contains treasures and whoever conquers the castle is entitled to acquire this fortune.

WoE will burn most of your supplies, so for these sessions, we’ll be providing free potions and some skill catalysts for everyone.

Supplies NPC in Prontera (will be available at 6 p.m.)

Please keep in mind that these going to be your supplies until Sunday.

For those who don’t have a guild yet, please start looking for a guild now. And for those who are really unfortunate to find one, you can join Lynx’s dummy guild. Join Discord, too.

If you don’t have equipment yet, you can borrow from the Siege Armory inside the Guild Office in Morroc Castle.

To get to the Guild Office, take stairs from the Quest Room.

Let’s all have fun later! See you!

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