Solace Fight Club: Champion Edition

Welcome to Solace Fight Club! The official competitive PVP tournament in SolaceRO — where only the best players will succeed.

Tournament Mechanics:

  • Format: Double Elimination
  • No. of Team Slots: 20
  • Upper Bracket Games: BO3
  • Lower Bracket Games: BO1
  • Grand Finals: BO5

Tournament Schedule:

August 11, 2020: Playoffs (Seeding) until Groupstage
August 13, 2020: Quarter Finals until Grand Finals

Tournament Rules:

  1. The first player to kill his opponent using Asura Strike wins.
  2. The player must not be in any guild or party during the event.
  3. The matches are held in vanilla WoE mode. All skills work according to their intended behavior in sieges.
  4. The players must be online on or before 7:30 p.m., late players are automatically disqualified.
  5. Pets are not allowed in the arena.
  6. All equipment and supplies are provided. All players must empty their inventory and cart before the call time.
  7. After each match, the teams are given 30 seconds to restock and repair broken items.
  8. Strictly no trash talking allowed, not even emoticons while the fight is ongoing. Players who will engage in trash-talking will be disqualified.
  9. If the winner of the grand finals will instigate the trash-talking, he will be disqualified. This event can end without a winner if the strongest players are not observing sportsmanship.
  10. Players must type “ggwp” and congratulate the winner if their team loses the round.

Allowed Skills:

  • Increase AGI
  • Blessing
  • Ruwach
  • Decrease AGI
  • Dangerous Soul Collect
  • Critical Explosion
  • Absorb Spirit
  • Asura Strike
  • Hiding

The skills that are not listed are banned.

Characters Setup:

These are the items available in the tournament mode. You’ll be receiving the following items:

  • Armor (+4): Glove [Smokie].
  • Weapon (+7): Champion – Waghnak [2 Hydra / 2 Skel Worker]
  • Supplies (for each match): 200 Light Blue Potions

Referee’s judgment for disqualification:

  1. If an undeclared incident happens during the tournament, the players must obey the referee’s instruction.
  2. If a player gets disconnected from the game before the game starts due to hardware or network problems, the game can be paused for up to 3 minutes to give the player the chance to reconnect.
  3. If a player gets disconnected from the game during a match, the opponent will win the round.
  4. If a player is throwing stupid tantrums before or during the match, the opposing player will immediately win.
  5. Players who are disturbing the progress of the tournament in various ways will be disqualified from the tournament.


1st Place:
20,000,000 z
1x Solace Fight Club Costume (duration: 30 days | Upper | All Stats + 2)

2nd Place:
10,000,000 z

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Quick FAQ:

How do we watch it?
Our streamer, The Exploiting Chufarly, and JanuaryAKG, will be streaming the tournament. You can follow him now so you wouldn’t miss the action.

English Stream: https://www.facebook.com/JanuaryAKG/
Filipino Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/exploitingchufarly

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