Team Restructuring

Solace has grown rapidly from 300 players to 1,500+ players in a few months with the help of the whole community. We’re hitting our 6th month in a few days, and we’d like to start our 2nd half with better internal processes.

Since the server started, Lynx has been doing most of the job; from content creation, events, game development, network monitoring, community management, law enforcement, and conflict resolution.

Starting today, he will step down as Community Manager of SolaceRO to focus on the continuing game development and promotion. He’ll remain in the background guiding the new team members.

In the current lineup, Caracal will take over and oversee the communities of SolaceRO as he handles customer service on Facebook and our Helpdesk.

Dara and Cypress are our new main people for events. They’ll start hosting mini-games and tournaments in the coming days.

To avoid conflicts and issues, we’ll not entertain reports or suggestions that are messaged on our personal Facebook and Discord accounts. Only basic game questions will be accommodated via PM. To better record and respond to other matters, please email us at [email protected]

We’re currently looking for Discord Moderators. These moderators will have the liberty to host Discord-only events. Part of their responsibility is to make people engage more in Discord. Existing mentors are allowed to switch from mentor position to moderator. Please message Caracal or Cypress if you’re interested.

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