War of Emperium

After 1000 years of cautious relations,
Rune-Midgarts Kingdom and Republic of Schwartzvald signed a mighty friendship treaty.

Noticing the weakening of the castles,
the monster armies marched and taken control of the castles in all major towns causing a real threat to the Kingdom.

"The castles and the treasures on them are properties for those who deserve them.
And whoever control the castles with the legendary Emperium stone, will be considered the kingdom Knights of honor."

-King Tristan III

Siege Schedule

Timezone: Singapore Time (GMT +8)
First Edition
9:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Neuschwanstein (Sat) | Rothenburg (Sun)
Mersetzdeitz (Sat) | Repherion (Sun)
Holy Shadow (Sat) | Arbor (Sun)
Skoegul (Sat) | Swanhild (Sun)
Second Edition
10:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Horn (Fri) | Mardol (Sat) | Gefn (Sun)
Mardol (Fri) | Cyr (Sat) | Badanis (Sun)
Skidbladnir (Fri) | Horn (Sat) | Andlangr (Sun)
Vidblainn (Fri) | Hljod (Sat) | Himinn (Sun)

Agit Masters

Every month, the guild with the highest Agit Points
will be crowned as Agit Masters and will receive 250,000 RoKs!









Types of Sieges

King of Emperium

Every Wednesday
Guilds will clash with each other until they reach the top of the hill. Nonstop PVP action and emperium breaking until time runs out! All cards and equipment are allowed in this mode.

Vanilla War of Emperium

Every Saturday and Sunday
Guilds are restricted from using Mini-Boss and MVP cards while inside the castle. This is a great venue for training guilds to clash with each other without the disadvantages caused by MVP cards.

All-out War of Emperium

Every Friday
Unlike vanilla mode, all-out WoE doesn't have any card or equipment restrictions. Starting guilds are discouraged to participate in this mode as the chance of winning a clash is very slim for newbies wearing regular equipment.

Important Siege NPCs

Siege Manager

Located in Major Towns
Allow players to view the siege schedule, castle owners and to also teleport directly to the castle when the War of Emperium is active.

Siege Armory

Located in Morroc Castle
He provides temporary equipment and recovery items so that players can participate sieges while they are building their permanent battle gear.

Supplies Manager

Located in Morroc Castle
He converts your WoE Potions to Supply Points to save space in your storage. You can turn them back to potions when needed.

Guild Migration

Located in Morroc Castle
She provides supplies, equipment, premium subscription to guilds who have transferred to SolaceRO.

Guild Migration

Are you planning to bring your whole guild to SolaceRO?
Avail our Guild Package to hasten up your progress and start participating sieges very soon.
  • Existing players are not allowed to avail the package.
  • Existing guilds are not allowed to avail the package.
  • The guild must understand that the package is not to make yourselves WoE-ready but to help you start in SolaceRO with a little advantage.
  • The guild must understand that transferring to SolaceRO with their guild doesn’t make them special. All guilds are treated equally and don’t give them an immunity to punishments.
  • All migrating guilds are expected to behave appropriately during their first two months. Any member who will show intolerable toxicity in-game or in any SolaceRO supported platform will have their guild master punished. Likewise, if the guild master is very toxic, he’ll be banished from the server immediately.
    What is considered toxic? Being involved in real-money trading (RMT), economic sabotage, spreading false news, exploiting bugs, and being reported by more than 20 players in a week.
  • The guild must have at least 25 members excluding the Guild Master.
  • All members must be online during the awarding.
  • For small guilds with less than 25 members, you can still apply, but an interview will be performed to verify the legitimacy of your guild. 


  • 1 pc. Guild Coin (worth 10,000 RoKs)
  • Waiving of Rebirth Fee (worth 1.2M)
  • 3 months Premium Subscription (worth 30,000 RoKs)
  • 2 pcs. Gold Coins (worth 1M each)
  • 20 pcs. HE Battle Manuals
  • 20 pcs. HE Bubble Gums
  • 150 pcs. Free Tickets for Kafra Storage
  • 150 pcs. Free Tickets for Kafra Transportation
  •   20 pcs. WoE Supply Boxes
  • 5,000 Supply Points


  •  Guildsman Recruiter Hat [0]
  • Party Recruiter Hat [0]
  • +10 Coat [1]
  • +10 Guard [1]
  • +10 Hood [1]
  • +10 Sandals [1]
  • +10 ​​Academy Freshman Hat [1]


  • Waiving of Rebirth Fee (worth 1.2M)
  • 3 months Premium Subscription (worth 30,000 RoKs)
  • 10 pcs. HE Battle Manual
  • 10 pcs. HE Bubble Gum
  • 100 pcs. Free Tickets for Kafra Storage
  • 100 pcs. Free Tickets for Kafra Transportation
  •   20 pcs. WoE Supply Boxes
  • 2,000 Supply Points


  • Party Recruiter Hat [0]
  • +7 Coat [1]
  • +7 Guard [1]
  • +7 Hood [1]
  • +7 Sandals [1]
  • +7 Academy Completion Hat [1]

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